Friday, September 16, 2016

The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast with Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo


Ep. #044 The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast

Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the September 2016 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanbase Press' panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ordering and its effect on the comic book industry as a whole.
Are you unfamiliar with PREVIEWS or the pre-order process used by comic book stores? Please see our helpful guide below to better understand what PREVIEWS is and how it can best be used to find the comics, graphic novels, and merchandise that will be on sale in the coming months.
In this month's episode, we chat with PREVIEWSworld Editor Vince Brusio about this month's "As Seen on TV"-themed PREVIEWS catalog. In addition, we are joined by Brian Phillipson and Alex Murillo (Bliss on Tap Publishing, Future Proof) to discuss why pre-ordering is so important to comic book publishers. The Fanbase Press panel also breaks down the exciting releases (scheduled to hit stores in November) from a variety of publishers and manufacturers, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Image, Archaia, BOOM! Studios, DC Collectibles, NECA, and more!
Cast members: Jason Enright, Scott Rubin, and Bryant Dillon

Special guests: Brian Phillipson and Alex Murillo (Bliss on Tap Publishing, Future Proof)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


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The voice of a generation.

Meet the cutest cartoonist on Instagram, Arianna Margulis, also known as @butlikemaybe. Her Instagram bio is “cartoons about life and cute stuff,” followed by the pink glittering heart emoji, nail polish emoji, martini glass, and pizza emojis. Arianna’s personality shines brightly with only a glance at her page. Her comic book ‘But Like Maybe?’ is worth checking out – she is totally the voice of a generation, observing the intricate life of a girl with some crazy antics. The main character, a female millennial named “BL,” has a habit of over-analyzing things with her crush “Hot Brad,” and her teddy bear attempts to advise her during this constant obsessing.  She lets us in on the complications of selfies, brunch, love, rejection, hangovers, and overthinking everything. Here, photographer Andi Elloway shoots Arianna exclusively for MADE, featuring BL drawn onto these funny pics.

Photography: Andi Elloway
Cartoons: @butlikemaybe

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Future Proof #12 review by Fanbase Press

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‘Future Proof #12:’ Advance Comic Book Review 

It’s been way too long since the last issue of Future Proof. Issue #11 involved the mysterious figure from previous issues (apparently called “Umbrella Man”) stepping out of the shadows and organizing a crew of time-traveling supervillains that included Jim Morrison and Amelia Earhart. So, you can see why I’ve been anxious to see how the story continues. Rest assured that this issue does not disappoint.
In order to stir up chaos, the supervillain team goes back to the Alamo and kills Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie a few weeks before their famous battle. (What was it called? I can’t remember.) Our two heroes, James and Simon, have to take their place and fight the battle for them. If you’ll recall, they did something like this once before, in Issue #7, taking the place of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, et al. at the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

There, their mission was to win the fight for the famous lawmen. To preserve history at the Alamo, however, they need to lose. Not only that, if you know your history, you know that both Crockett and Bowie were killed at the Alamo. Is this it for our heroes? Or will their benevolent computer god, the Sing, be able to get them out while still preserving history? At this point, what does “preserving history” even mean, and is it still possible when the Umbrella Man and his gang are actively trying to destroy it?

This issue is a lot of fun, with plenty of action and mind-bending time-travel questions to be answered. It feels like we’re drawing near the end of this saga. Everything’s definitely coming to a head pretty soon. I don’t want it to end, though. I’d love for this comic to keep going on forever. It’s no secret that I love time-travel comics in any form, but I think this is probably one of my favorites. It’s very well written, and every issue is perfectly executed to keep you on the edge of your seat and eager to read more. Hopefully, Issue #13 won’t take as long to come out as Issue #12 did.

Future Proof #9 review by Reading With a Flight Ring

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Future Proof #9

by Steven Leitman
Future Proof #9
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2016
Written, Lettered & Book Design by Alex Murillo
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Coloured by Alex & Ashley Cormack

    The one-way time-traveling adventure continues as everyone's favorite agents James and Simon visit a secret location to put the 'con' in the infamous moon landing conspiracy. Was the Apollo 11 moon landing real or just a Hollywood film production devised as a back-up plan to a possible failed mission?

    I’m bad I know it’s been way too long since i’ve visited the boys and this series.  Cataloging my collection reminded me I have a few issues to review still so here we are.  The boys have a very drunk and passed out Edgar Allen Poe on a train in 1849 to open this story.  While the boys are keeping an eye on Poe doing what Poe loves to do most, drink apparently, it’s an opportunity for Alex to do a little more serious background characterisation.

    Simon Magus has always been the more serious of the two and here we get a nice chance to see him in his life before he started this whole time traveling business.  His family saying goodbye and him in a mission that we don’t get to see the result of just that it’s something that causes him to have waking nightmares.  It’s great characterisation because it really just wets the appetite for more.  Plus we get that nice glimpse behind the curtain as it were and it’s this interjected into the silliness that James get him into that balances it all out.

    Speaking of the silliness I love how they get to their final destination this issue.  It’s superbly thought out and executed.  Plus it gets the story suddenly much larger and the scope of Sing and it’s agents.  

    I am such a fan of Alex’s interiors.  I’ve watched him grow and take that talent he has and hone it, tighten it up and make it something great.  The flow of the story through the page layouts with the use of angles and perspective are fantastic.  The two page spread in those outfits is amazing to see finished.  The uniqueness of their faces, their expressions and the emotions the pictures bring really help this series shine.

    This series is the best time traveling conspiracy theory story you’ll have the pleasure to read.  I mean it’s a tongue in cheek/serious look at those events that people think they know the truth about or that the theorise about the different things other than the public reality of them.  It’s just one of the great escapes with the perfect buddy pair to hit comics since Blue & Gold!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bliss on Tap's latest comic series WATCH THE SKIES #1 is now available on Drivethru Comics

Bliss on Tap is excited to announce that our latest comic book series "Watch the Skies" by Alex Murillo & Jeremy Fine is now available at Drivethrucomics.

What starts as a simple science experiment leads to an unexpected discovery placing the lives of two brothers and possibly the world in danger.