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Comix Asylum Magazine's review of Future Proof #9



“The Deepest of the Deep, pt. 1” (22 pages) [no ads]
Created by: Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo
Written by: Alex Murillo
Art by: Alex Cormack
Colors by: Ashley Cormack & Alex Cormack
Lettering & Book Design by: Alex Murillo
Cover by: Alex Cormack
Publisher: Bliss On Tap
Cover Price: $3.99

ALL ABOARD!! The steam engine makes its way to NYC. There are several strangers on a train – two of them being our main guys Simon and James. They are less than impressed at the hot mess that is Edgar Allan Poe. The inebriated author awakens from his slobbery slumber when the conductor announces a pit stop in Baltimore.
FUTURE PROOF #9 Poe man's version
The tortured tale-teller is a wily one. He manages to give the savvy agents the slip. They manage to track him down to a local tavern. James is all in. They can down one beer a couple of beers several beers while observing the passed-out poet.
James brings up the moon landing mission. Simon unenthusiastically recalls. Fast-forward (but really a flashback) to Simon’s send-off. He bids a heartfelt goodbye to his daughter and wife with the promise of returning in one piece.
FUTURE PROOF #9 dutiful dad
Here I’ll admit that I’m beyond confuzzled. Admittedly, I still haven’t read issues #1-6. The next page shows a giant mechanical leg caked in blood looming over Simon and several corpses. He utters “Forgive meee…” Aside from this, the caption indicates that it relates to a particular war.
FUTURE PROOF #9 random
The mention of the moon landing has Simon access more of his memory bank. It’s kind of like INCEPTION!! President Nixon is addressing the nation lauding NASA for its imminent achievement twelve days before the actual event. His speech writer William suggests he acknowledge the inevitable peril and deaths for such an undertaking. POTUS is so hell-bent on beating the Ruskies in the Space Race that he orders that the video never be aired. He wants evidence of it edited, buried, destroyed. Whatever it takes!! G-Men Simon and James comply.
On the eve of the Apollo 11 mission, the time-tossed twosome enter Area 51. They narrowly escape a nuke testing. They are met by Dr. Wernher von Braun and introduce themselves as Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. Nixon has ordered the filming of the event in case the actual take-off goes horribly awry.
FUTURE PROOF #9 setting the scene
Wernher agrees wholeheartedly but also reiterates Nixon’s determinate to trump the Russians. He also drops the fact that the assigned engines are not ready in time, therefore they will have to improvise. Simon almost gives away their cover when he misuses the verb tense regarding the historical date. Wernher passes off Simon’s concern and states that most people are blind followers and that one should trust everything aired on the boob tube.
FUTURE PROOF #9 enemy agent
Simon angrily asks if Wernher is a former Nazi, bringing up his association with the SS. The doctor is taken aback. However, he turns the tables when Von Braun addresses Simon by his real name! *gasp* He is one of them!!! Wernher forcefully and confidently outlines the back-up plan: all tapes will be erased and memory wipes will be done on the entire staff. He ribs at the duo with their familiarity in cleaning up an operation.
FUTURE PROOF #9 faking it
Wernher provokes James. He suggests that the traveler lift his mind from the veil. James retorts by refusing to take stock in it as well as participate in conspiracy theories. Their mission is to preserve the timeline, not twist it. Von Braun insults his intelligence and calls him a drunkard. The grand reveal – film director Stanley Kubrick will be helming the entire scenario!!!
FUTURE PROOF #9 Stanley Kubrick
This book is chock-full of interesting events. I’m enjoying it on another level since it is feeding my curiosity. I’ve always enjoyed learning and always had my nose in books. This is why I became a high school teacher with a passion for French and English literature. Natch!! I impart my knowledge on to you. Digging into some things increased my understanding.
Coop is the scoop: For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why the crowd was violent among the streets of Baltimore. Upon researching Poe’s bio, one theory of his death is attributed to ‘cooping’. This was forced voting done by snatching citizens, locking them in a room, and threatening major harm if they did not participate in elections. Some were made to cast more than one ballot. Others were given disguises so that they could go to different stations. Fascinating!!
FUTURE PROOF #9 lost in the crowd
Rolling in the deep: Nixon’s speech forecasting a worst-case situation is legit!! Apparently. Take this with a grain of salt. The phrase ‘the deepest of the deep’ is inserted in there. When I hit the web, it came up with an interesting list on io9. The speech itself is reprinted here. It really was never publicized.
The man is Safire: POTUS Nixon’s speech writer William Safire was real!! He is credited with the sympathetic but dire missive.
JFK A-OK? Beloved FPOTUS isn’t given much respect here. His knowledge of time travel botched things for our two guys.
Drop the name: NASA opted for another director: one who will create a film about a great white shark. Wernher is alluding to none other than Steven Spielberg who made waves with Jaws!!!
Figaro? No! Fidelio: Beethoven’s only opera. Alternately named Lenore, or The Triumph of Marital Love. The protagonist disguises herself as a prison guard to liberate her husband from execution. This is the codename given to Mr. Kubrick.
Mind blown yet again :0   I’m brushing up on or (re)learning history thanks to this comic book J I’m in awe with how the creators weave the real and the fake. This particular issue is one of many hot potatoes given the numerous debates over the validity of the United States’ first successful space endeavour. I took time to research, just like I had done the previous issue. History will always be subjective. The winners are the wordsmiths. Nevertheless, I found it fascinating the speculation that Stanley Kubrick was approached to create alternative footage after his accurate depiction of space travel in 2001: A Space Odyssey. My ignorance knows no bounds. I had no idea that by 1969, some alleged former Nazis would help the US Government with whatever special projects were in the works. Two words: Operation Paperclip. Case in point: Wernher Von Braun who was in fact employed by NASA due to his speciality in aerospace engineering. Why not??
Talk about a red herring!! I thought for sure the Edgar Allan Poe matter would be fully addressed this issue. Nope!! More teasing and waiting. On that note, I did a double-take upon noticing the creator credits. Alex Murillo has taken the reins!! I repeat that I still have to desperately catch up on #1-6. I truly want to. I need to know everything up until the present future. Brian Phillipson informed me that the two take turns with particular story arcs. Mssrs. Phillipson and Murillo are so in synch that they appear to be one entity. No disrespect whatsoever. I actually had not noticed until I started listing the obligatory info. I’m glad this is bi-monthly. I will definitely have read the previous six by the time March rolls around.
Time travel would make anyone’s head loop. Hence, I’m a bit at a loss with the couple’s chronology especially the futuristic setting.
FUTURE PROOF #9 drink to forget
Alex Cormack managed to drawn a blood-strewn page >_@ I don’t know if that’s his schtick since I gotta badly catch up but I’m strangely delighted. EAP is such a reasonable facsimile!! I feel like I’ve met him in person. The two agents wear their clothes well. I wouldn’t oppose to sporting the 19th century wardrobe. I pat Mr. Murillo on the back for his Nixon impression.
FUTURE PROOF #9 Dick is a dick
Ashley Cormack is definitely her hubbie’s partner-in-crime. She gets to paint the metallic limbs with human life liquid. Her use of shadow effectively relays details where needed. I especially liked the splash effect when Simon is washing up. His face is near invisible and indistinguishable.
FUTURE PROOF #9 memory works too well
How neat is it that Mr. Murillo gets to insert the letters from his own script? The screech could go for miles and miles!! He manages to drop an F-bomb or two �� It was quite the change to see green and red word balloons.
FUTURE PROOF #9 Poe gotta go
There’s a 120-year gap between adventures. Um, carry the 5 over the 4. UGH! I give this book 9 out of 10, just like the number of this issue.

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Future Proof #9 is in comic book stores today!

Future Proof #9
The one-way time-traveling adventure continues as everyone's favorite agents James and Simon visit a secret location to put the 'con' in the infamous moon landing conspiracy. Was the Apollo 11 moon landing real or just a Hollywood film production devised as a back-up plan to a possible failed mission? Find out in the next issue of Future Proof!

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‘Future Proof #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review by Fanboy Comics

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‘Future Proof #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Written by 

‘Future Proof #9:’ Advance Comic Book Review
Future Proof #9

The previous issue of Future Proof was a bit more straightforward than the comic generally is, with a single task that our heroes show up for, accomplish, and leave. In Issue #9, though, the mind-bending, complicated time travel elements are back in full force.
It starts out simply enough. Simon and James, our two time agents, fresh from their victory at Little Big Horn, find themselves on a train in 1849, babysitting a drunken Edgar Allen Poe—and then doing a bit of drinking themselves. As they drink, they begin to talk about one of their previous adventures which is where the real fun begins.

We then switch to a flashback to a previous mission involving Richard Nixon and the moon landing, but not before a flashback within a flashback—which the comic fully acknowledges—to Simon’s pre-time travel days.

The Richard Nixon adventure is rather fascinating and raises the question of whether or not the moon landing was faked. It also presents some crazy and kind of hilarious implications if it is. The comic cuts off mid-adventure, though, with a “To Be Continued…” at the end. I can’t wait to find out how things turn out.

Like much of what Bliss On Tap Publishing produces, this is a weird and wonderful issue of a weird and wonderful comic. If you’re a fan of time travel or odd alternate takes on history, you’ll definitely want to check out Future Proof #9.

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Future Proof #7 review by Steven Leitman


Picture  1/5/2016
Future Proof #7
Bliss On Tap Publishing 2015
Created by Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo
Written by Brian Phillipson
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Lettered & Book Design by Alex Murillo
Coloured by Ashley & Alex Cormack

    I can’t believe issue 9 is about to hit stands and here I am so far behind on one of my favourite independent books.  This issue we open with the shoot-out at the OK Corral in the Arizona Territory: October 26th 1881.  Alright I have to say it’s pretty interesting to see the boys team up with another pair of agents for a mission.  Even more so since it’s really thanks to Alex that the four look like Earp’s and Doc Holiday even if you can see right away that something is incredibly off by their faces.  Something that doesn’t go unnoticed by their opponents.

    Something that is really cool thanks to Alex and Ashley is the whole shoot-out.  Once the guns go blazing seeing the results of the shooting as it happens is utterly fantastic.  Billy’s hand being blown up like it is while not overly gore ridden is incredibly cool looking.  All the blood, violence and killing is handled incredibly tasteful and yet at the same time it’s way over the top gross.  Somehow the combination that shouldn’t work here does.  

    So we don’t get the details of the mission at this point we don’t need em.  They came back to make sure that things played out the way they should.  Gotta say I’m enjoying seeing them unmask and the technology of their disguises.  Though I have to say Andy and James don’t get much time to further their bromance or showcase the whole comedic duo thing here.  That’s okay though since this issue really goes a bit beyond that in terms of keeping the story more at the forefront.  

    The Umbrella Man, the infamous guy from the Kennedy assassination gets a chance to take center stage for a bit.  Now he’s the rogue agent if I haven’t forgotten what’s been going on.  This meeting of him and his past self/future self was pretty weird in that should be time paradoxical way that really isn’t.  I do know that it makes me want to see more of him and what he’s up to and why he’s turned out the way he is.  Plus this whole Sing thing and the secrets and lies that we aren’t sure who is telling yeah that’s what i’m looking forward to seeing more of.

    So this issue closes out with the boys falling from the sky into Sitting Bull’s strategy session before the Battle at Little Bighorn, Montana: June 24th 1876.  Time hopping to make sure what is supposed to happen does is a dangerous business and the boys who are usually in way over their heads well they’ve certainly landed in it.  

    Each issue the characterization and story progression gets stronger and stronger and that’s a great thing.  It’s nice to see Brian growing and maturing as a writer like this.  The best way to hone your craft is to do it pure and simple and that we see this kind of growth from him just goes to show that even talent needs practice to get things right.  This really is one of the more fun and interesting books out there and dealing with time travel while usually this massive headache inducing thing here is just a simple tool for the boys to grow up and become who they are supposed to be.  

    It’s not just the writing that improves it’s also the interior artwork. Again skill isn’t enough it takes practice to hone your craft and I’m totally seeing the results of that here.

    In order for the future to be correct these agents need to be in the past to ensure events happen the way they’re supposed to and that’s the best ride of all.  

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Comix Asylum review of Future Proof #8 by Paul Miranda

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“Tomorrow is Already Here” (24 pages) [no ads]
Created by: Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo
Written by: Brian Phillipson
Art by: Alex Cormack
Colors by: Ashley Cormack & Alex Cormack
Lettering & Book Design by: Alex Murillo
Cover by: Alex Cormack
Publisher: Bliss On Tap
Cover Price: $3.99

Bliss On Tap logo 3
Soldiers and Indians don’t mix. Well, the exception applies if you’re two travellers who play fast and loose with the space-time continuum. Immediately after the events of last issue, James and Simon land exactly where they’re supposed to: the eve of Custer’s Last Stand.
FUTURE PROOF #8 back cover
To save their own hides, they affirm Sitting Bull’s vision. An attractive woman (Bull’s daughter?) approaches the duo. They’re not the skywalkers he was expecting but if they convincingly come across as firewalkers, their lives as spared. The test is misinterpreted when pretty boy James thinks he has to bust a move.
FUTURE PROOF #8 do a little dance
The trial is over. Several peace pipes are smoked. ALERT!! ALERT!! Synchronization of the timeline is askew with Simon’s overenthusiastic gesture of high-fiving the Lakota. Shaking off his high, he is approached by the drop dead gorgeous native and two become one!! Blonds do have more fun!
FUTURE PROOF #8 blacking out
FUTURE PROOF #8 Pocahontas she is not
Simon might be a tad jelly over what happened but the mission needs to be carried out. Predictably, General George Armstrong Custer sounds the bugle and charges forward with his troops. Simon and James have faint face paint and feathers around their head. Cheapest costumes ever. At any rate, Custer is in for a rude awakening. He is oblivious to the massive ambush awaiting him and his men.
FUTURE PROOF #8 bugle callFUTURE PROOF #8 Custer is custard
It isn’t long before the severely lopsided army engages the enemy. Gore galore!! The sheer numbers of the tribe grants them a bloody victory. James and Simon surround the General. The silhouette depicts them as Natives. They aver their homegrown status. Custer is beyond confused but that point is moot as he’s blown to bits.
FUTURE PROOF #8 Custer's last standFUTURE PROOF #8 splatter
The celebration is cut short. The nomadic twosome must move forward backward. James’ main squeeze longingly looks at him before they vanish. Little does he know that he made his mark on her – she pats her belly. Baby bump imminent!! Once they rematerialize, they are strangers on a train.
FUTURE PROOF #8 parting gift
Epilogue: the Umbrella Man comes across Jim Morrison (yes, that Jim Morrison) at a cocktail bar in L.A. They clink bottles of beer as the casual conversation leads to an eye-opening understanding. Duh duh duh!!!
FUTURE PROOF #8 hero worship
Having only been exposed to this series with the previous issue, I was hooked! As I stated in the preceding review, time travel is a concept that grabs me by the throat!! The possibilities are infinite. Literally!! One minor change creates a completely different canvas. What I really relish is the historical accuracy tweaked to the masterminds’ liking. That in itself is an obvious statement but it is what provides the appeal to this genre of sci-fi. I have yet to read the other six issues but there’s a motif here with the focus on cowboys and the original settlers of the USA.
I’m scratching my head as to why the futurians directly involved themselves in Custer’s demise. The man was fated to lose either way. Aside from avoiding being scalped (Easy! I know that’s not entirely accurate), I surmise that they had to bide their time before the next jump. Thus, they proved themselves the Lakota’s saviours. What a slap in the face for Simon!! He got a piece of the action but not a piece of [censored!] Natch

Claim to shame: Historical records indicate that Custer only had 208 troops versus the varying number of 2000-3000 warriors. The crushing defeat and gruesome demise overshadow all of his other accomplishments.

Neglecting one’s duty: It is reported that Frederick Benteen did not respond quickly enough to Custer’s orders to provide extra ammunition. This may have contributed to the infamous Last Stand. He provides narration during the bloodbath. The fact that he comments on disobedience among the soldiers is highly ironic.

Pocahontas she is not! Who is this alluring Amerindian?

Running Man: Definitely not James’ native appellation.
Brian Phillipson must be a history buff! Why else produce a series rich in possibilities?? I myself have a mild fascination with the subject and am excellent at recalling specific dates. It is unfair to Mr. Phillipson to providing my second critique without having read his six stepping stones. Nevertheless, I see the mischievous nature prevalent in the two protagonists. They may work for a serious organization and have the most paramount responsibility but why not let your hair down while at it?? The situations themselves are outrageous. Therefore, the coping mechanism should equate that.
I enjoy the meta-textual context in the main story and the epilogue. James broke the number one rule (or whatever number it is): he told Custer point blank [pun intended!] that he and James are timewalkers. My eyebrows almost hit my hair when Jimbo realizes that the Umbrella Man is a time traveller :0 Was the lead singer on drugs or completely sober?? There has to be a follow-up to this!!
FUTURE PROOF #8 time's up
FUTURE PROOF #8 straight to the point
Alex Cormack killed it. Literally! He provides five glorious gory-ous pages of ultra-violence!! Sixty blood-soaked panels in all. He must have gone to the O.R. for severe hand cramping. I cringed. I squirmed. I convulsed. Both sides received their due. Custer’s look of fear and confusion is the ultimate antithesis for an established veteran. A parade of prizes for illustrating 10,000 Little Indians!!
FUTURE PROOF #8 ten thousand little Indians
FUTURE PROOF #8 gore 1
Ashley Cormack assists her husband most skillfully. She still must be seeing red after splattering those sixty panels. Custer’s blondness stands out. His smirk is short-lived.
FUTURE PROOF #8 gore 2FUTURE PROOF #8 gore 3
Alex Murillo gets to relive his childhood with the progressive POW!s The dialogue and narration boxes leave much wiggle room. I find the font a bit too small and wonder about the enormous space within the thought bubbles.
What comes next? The time and place indicate Baltimore, MD, 1849. Without looking up anything, I already know that they will pay a visit to Edgar Allan Poe four days before he departs this plane of existence. SPOILER!! Having an English degree comes in handy >_^ Here’s to more time out of joint. I give this tale another 9.5 bullets.
This review was made possible thanks to my abso fave local comic shop: