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Future Proof #6 review by Steven Leitman

Future Proof #6

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Future Proof #6
Bliss On Tap Publishing 2014
Written by Alex Murillo
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Coloured by Ashley & Alex Cormack

The boys are back and things here are getting more and more involved and offbeat.  This issue revisits Hitler at the beginning of his reign where we see him and Goebbels discuss the first acts to do and the reveal of what he’s planned for the Reich’s new flag.  Only our boys aren’t the ones here at this time as we see two different agents are the cause of the Reichstag fire and what happens here doesn’t bode well.

Our boys however make the jump and end up in Spitafields, London in 1888.  Their mission comes as well a major surprise but it’s one that well I gotta admit explains a few things history wise and has the potential for creating that ripple effect which can go a long into the future as well.  Their bags contain Lorre uniforms so they are coppers at this time and you’ve really got to hand things to Alex here because what he does with the interiors is something wonderful.

We really have this chance to see how much Alex has grown and matured as an artist here and what he brings us of this time in history is incredibly beautiful.  Page twelve with the buildings are intricately done and amazing to behold it’s a moment you realize you seen the emergence of a great talent hitting his stride.

I’m a little surprised by the seriousness this story has taken, granted there is still plenty of that humour we’ve come to expect but there’s a deeper thing happening here that really hits the reader.  As the boys realize where and when they are and who the target is the actions kicks into overdrive.  With one look at a victim laying splayed out in an alley there’s no doubt as to whom the boys are looking for.  Again this was a very tasteful way to demonstrate the horror of the situation and while it’s gory and bloody it isn’t over the top or vulgar it’s just well done.

Alright we know that James and Simon have had to do some unseemly stuff to ensure that the timeline remains intact but this one takes the cake.  How they complete this horrifying, for them, mission is thankfully filled with the levity I’ve come to expect out of them.  Though once inside the carriage the boys notice the man’s shoes and there’s a symbol on them that has significance and hopefully we’ll see more of the ramifications of that soon enough.

I do like that the boys are seemingly in over their heads here as they continue to get the job done but sometimes act more like Abbott and Costello than season agents.  Still I can see and feel that they are going to be embroiled in something they just aren’t prepared for and it’ll all be set up by the Sing.

Folks I cannot stress enough that you should be reading this series!  Find it, ask your store to carry it or if your subscription service can get it because it’s books like this that make reading comics fun.  With a great premise, wonderful writing and characterization alongside some really good solid artwork this is one of those titles that should be sought out.

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San Diego Comic Con 2015 Pictures

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Comics in the "Wild"

Always great to see our comics out-and-about.  Take photos of our comics in stores and we'll post them here, like these photos of "Future Proof" and "God the Dyslexic Dog" at the iconic House of Secrets in Burbank!

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Bliss on Tap at San Diego Comic Con ' 15!!

Hope to see everyone at Comic Con!
Here's our booth info, be sure to stop by and say hello!
San Diego Comic Con ' 15:
Bliss on Tap - booth #5533 in the red-carpeted "Independent Press" area near (look for an “Independent Press” column hanging from the ceiling over the area) the front/center of the convention hall, near section “C”. We’re against the wall when you walk in.

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Fanboy Comics advance review of Future Proof #6!

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‘Future Proof #6:’ Comic Book Review

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‘Future Proof #6:’ Comic Book Review
Future Proof #6
As I’ve mentioned in several reviews already, over the course of Bliss on Tap’s Future Proof, we’ve seen our time-traveling heroes kill Kennedy and save Hitler, along with a number of other rather questionable acts, all at the behest of a benevolent artificial intelligence called The Sing. Both the characters and the readers have written these actions off as necessary evils. They have to be done to restore a fractured timeline. If Hitler dies young, or Kennedy lives to be old, a future much more terrible will come about as a result—which The Sing, in its infinite wisdom, has foreseen and wants to prevent.
The further we get into the story, though, the less cut and dried this all seems to be. Is The Sing really working for the good of mankind? How can our heroes really know?

This issue begins with a flashback—sort of. It takes place in 1938, which is further forward in time than our protagonists currently are, but the events are technically previous, from a future perspective. I think. Anyway, it shows another pair of time travelers in the service of The Sing, as they help Hitler during WWII.

Then, we join our heroes in London in 1888. And, merely from the year, it should be evident who it is that they’re there to help. Their assignment falls somewhere between creepy and abhorrent, and it finally starts to get them thinking about whether or not this is really all for the greater good. Only the first inklings, though. If there’s any more doubt to be had, we’ll have to wait until the next issue.

This is a pretty intense issue. In addition to being a great read, it also raises all sorts of moral and philosophical issues. The entire series has done that, but this issue perhaps even more so. At any rate, Future Proof has been a compelling and engaging story all the way through, and this issue is no exception. The time-travel aspect can get a little confusing sometimes (as I demonstrated earlier), but that’s only because the story gets more complex and intricate as it goes. If you enjoy time travel and philosophy, and don’t mind your stories being a bit on the complex side, then Future Proof is definitely a comic you should check out.

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'I Play the Bad Guy #5' review by Fanboy Comics

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‘I Play the Bad Guy #5:’ Comic Book Review

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‘I Play the Bad Guy #5:’ Comic Book Review
Rose and Stern Must Die.
At the beginning of I Play the Bad Guy #5, we’re introduced to two mildly comical guards named Rose and Stern—before being shown the title of this issue, “Rose and Stern Die in the End.” The issue would be worth reading for that alone, particularly since it seems to be a double reference, to John Dies at the End and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.
IPTBG #5 is compelling and worthwhile even apart from its awesome references, though. Our intrepid antihero, Frank, is looking to gain access to a very secure government building, in order to end, once and for all, the Mazur Project, which gave him superpowers—and took his daughter from him. Not only that, after four issues of increasing bloodbaths, he has to gain access without killing anyone, as his new traveling companion doesn’t have the taste for it that Frank does.

A lot of great stuff happens in this issue, and a lot of light is shed on the characters’ murky histories—but the less said about it here, the better. You’ll be much better off reading the issue for yourself to get the full impact of what’s going on and how everything works together. All you really need to know in advance is . . . Rose and Stern die in the end.

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First look at the cover for Future Proof #8

Poor General Custer never had a chance.  In stores Nov '15!
Future Proof #8

James Rison, General Custer and Simon Magus