Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spot-on review of Future Proof #4, by FanBoy Comics

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‘Future Proof #4:’ Comic Book Review

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What would you do if you had a time machine and could change history? Would you kill Hitler? Save Kennedy? Maybe stop World War I? Everyone has some historical tragedy or crisis they’d like to avert. But, keep in mind, actions have consequences, and time travel has consequences that ripple through history.
That’s why, in the first issue of Future Proof, our heroes had to cause, rather than avert, JFK’s assassination, and why in the fourth issue, we see them save the life of a young Adolf Hitler, among other seemingly despicable acts. Their benevolent computer-god, the Sing, has calculated that these events must take place, in order to ensure the future that we all know. To stop them would be to usher in something much, much worse.

While our dauntless heroes continue to work their way further back in time, causing all manner of necessary mayhem, a mysterious man works to develop his own form of time travel in the 1940s. We previously saw him overseeing the Philadelphia Experiment. Now, he’s in Roswell, NM, working with a Nazi scientist to glean technology from an alien crash landing.

If you hadn’t already guessed, this is not your typical time travel story. Like many of the comic offerings from Bliss On Tap Publishing, it’s a bit strange and somewhat off the beaten path. It’s very compelling, though. The story is growing increasingly complicated, particularly as many of the time travel threads resolved in previous issues still continue to pop up in the plotline. If you’re the type who’s confused by time travel, this might not be the story for you.

I, on the other hand, am liking it quite a bit. I don’t always know what’s going on, but we’re not always supposed to know. There are still a lot of knots left to unravel, so the best thing is just to sit back and let them unravel at their own pace. In the meantime, enjoy the ride, because it really is quite a ride.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Excellent play-by-play review by Reading With A Flight Ring

Future Proof #3

Future Proof #3
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2014
Created & Written by Brain Phillipson; Illustrated by Alex Cormack; Lettered by Alex Murillo

I am a huge fan of this book it’s just pure fun it can get a little ridiculous at times but belies what it’s all about and that’s the fact that these two guys, Simon and James, are on a mission ot ensure that some events in history come to fruition.  So basically time cops of a sort sent out to either make events happen or see that they do as we know they have.   Brian has found a way to make this buddy book rival the relationship of Blue & Gold and they are just as if not more fun to watch work.

So we open with a different look at the end of last issue as the ship vanishes from the Philadelphia Navy Docks in 1943.  For conspiracy theorists this is also known as the Philadelphia experiment.  Where someone is keeping an eye on the boys and making sure they’ve done their job but also teases us by meeting a young boy going to his first Phillies game.  One Lee Harvey Oswald and I gotta say now i’m thinking this guys will visit him as an adult to make sure he is blamed for the assassination.  

This issue has a lot going on and you see that they don’t have this complex plan to have to make things happen.  Brian knows when to draw the story out and pay more attention to the action and storytelling and when to just showcase what it is the boys do.  It’s a very “mature” writing style and one that showcases real talent because it’s almost like downtime but still features what we need to see and learn about the characters.

Okay that they are to help start the mass Banker Suicide during the Wall Street crash on October 29th, 1929 also known as Black Tuesday and how the inadvertently do that was pretty funny actually.   Sometimes events are already set in motion and just need a little nudge to make it so like we see here.

The big story this issue centers around Babe Ruth and what that is well you should it and see for yourself but I will say this it focuses on his trade from the Red Sox to the Yankees.   So they end up in Boston on September 20th, 1919 where sets of clothes are waiting for them.  Alex style of art is uniquely his there’s no comparing him to anyone else, and that is a darn good thing!, and what he does here is pretty sweet.  I am enjoying that he can do this bum at night in front a can fire drinking his hooch and yet make the boys seem so light and bright at the same time.

Oh on a personal note I was more than thrilled and impressed to see Fenway park from a fans point of view here, Alex nailed that!

Now I don’t know much about the Babe but what I see here makes me want to should the implications be accurate.  No I am not going into more detail but suffice it to say it’s a dandy of a tale.

Bliss on Tap has great talented creators working for them (or that they have created this company) and their imagination and execution of this book really needs to be seen by pretty much everyone.  Who doesn’t love time traveling buddies who keep history on track?

Thursday, March 05, 2015

I Play the Bad Guy #3 review

I Play the Bad Guy #3

By Steven Leitman / Reading with A Flight Ring
I Play the Bad Guy #3
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2015
Created & Written by Andy Arnott
Illustrated, Lettered & Design by Alex Cormack

I have to say with each issue I’m liking this book more and more as we delve into things that I wasn’t expecting to see.  Ronald Reagan’s portrait behind the Colonel behaving in exactly the manner I would expect, I have such disdain for our Government, leaders and those who claim to be in charge of the military and here it seems i’m not the only one.   He’s important though because he’s recruiting a young boy from Africa to put him in the program and then literally use him for his own purposes in the area to secure America’s interests.

This kind of detail spent on his background is fantastically done and Andy really delved into something deep and primal here.  He’s fifteen when sent back to Uganda to do the Colonel’s dirty work with powers and abilities that a kid shouldn’t have and the end result here is phenomenal!   His personal feeling are in direct conflict with what they want him to do and at that age it’s terrifying to him and it shows.

This changed Eric’s life forever and it follows him throughout his life to adulthood and talking with Frank and the two of them trying to work together to get Frank’s granddaughter out of there is a promising start here.   That they are being set up still and hunted down and seem to be one step behind the people they are both running from and chasing after adds this element to it that I like.   There has to be more to someone than we’re seeing, someone may be a double agent type feeding information about them to intercept and keep them from their goal.  

Seeing these people who were all part of the “old gang” coming back gives me hope that perhaps a squad will be formed that will be formed of the survivors of this story for future tales.  I’m really excited about this series and what could in store from this crew after reading this issue and I haven’t felt that way in quite some time.

Well the end of the ending here completely threw me for a loop!   There’s a whole new world of possibilities now with this little girl.  Things that ask if what happened to these men can be passed on through genetics over generations and if so how powerful can they become as times flies by.   The skies the limit here and Andy is taking full advantage of that.

Alex’s interiors work so well with the story.  He can manage to show us how vulnerable people can be and then turn around the next instant and show us how terrifying they can be as well.  He’s does this transition between sweet and horror with such ease.

These guys work so very well together and the work they are doing is amazing this is part of the reason I love comic books.  It’s so very nice to get excited about a project from an unexpected place like Bliss on Tap which just proves my theory that some of the best stories being today come from companies other than the “Big Guns. ”