Future Proof

Future Proof


"Future Proof #1 is a thought-provoking tale about the perils of time travel, and has this reader eager for more."-kastorskorner.com

"...the art, the writing, the concept itself just gets better and better. Buy this one. This one gets a very well deserved 5 out of 5 stars!" -whatchareading.com

"…I can say without a doubt that if you are a fan of the X-Files or any of the numerous shows that have aired in the last few years that take on some of society’s greatest mysteries then this is a comic series you will not want to pass up!"- PREVIEWSworld.com

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be sure to check out Future Proof and I Play The Bad Guy comics on the Farrago Comics app!

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

I Play The Bad Guy #3 is now available for pre-order through PREVIEWSworld & at your local comic book store. Release date: 1/7/15.


Publisher: BLISS ON TAP
(W) Andy Arnott (A) Alex Cormack (CA) Andrew Jerz
The genre-busting adventure continues as we flashback to many years ago, deep in the Ugandan jungle, where Colonel Worthen deploys what might be the highest powered soldier to ever come out of the Mazur Project. Back in the present day, Frank makes his way to the PROs HQ and we learn more about the man driving the truck and to what extent the Mazur Project will go to test their subjects' abilities. It's a classic tale of old vs. new in a showdown between local law-men and these high powered retirees. Meanwhile, in the PROs holding room, Crystal is left to her own devices and starts causing trouble for the unlucky guards assigned to watch her.
Item Code: DEC141164
In Shops: 2/25/2015
SRP: $3.99

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Future Proof #2 review by fanboycomics.net / Steven W. Alloway.

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‘Future Proof #2:’ Comic Book Review

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The time travel story from Bliss on Tap Publishing continues. Bliss on Tap’s comics tend to be just a bit strange, and often abstract. It can be a bit confusing at times, but even if you don’t always follow the story, it’s still fun to read.
If you’ll recall from the previous issue, our heroes are time travelers, tasked with making adjustments to major moments in history, in order to restore the timeline. All of their actions are carefully planned out by The Sing, an all-powerful, all-knowing, sentient supercomputer. Fortunately, the computer is benevolent—at least so far.

This issue sees our heroes in the middle of the Philadelphia Experiment, in World War II, as top scientists on both sides work to create time travel. Among those scientists are none other than Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. When Nikola Tesla is in your comic, it scores automatic points in my book. So does time travel, come to think of it. With both Tesla and an additional time travel plot beyond the overall time travel premise of the series, this issue has quite a lot going for it.

At times, this comic can be somewhat bizarre and a bit on the chaotic side, but that’s part of its charm. If you like comics that are strange and kind of off the beaten path, you may enjoy Future Proof. And, if you like Nikola Tesla, time travel, history, and all-powerful supercomputers, then you’ll almost certainly enjoy Future Proof #2.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Future Proof #2 is on sale now at Drivethrucomics.com for $1.49!

Future Proof #2 - colored

The exciting new time-travel adventure, Future Proof, continues as agents James Rison and Simon Magus embark on their next mission and try to stop the United States military's infamous Philadelphia Experiment during World War II. They board the U.S.S. Eldridge, where they encounter Nazi scientist Dr. Strughold and his Die Glocke machine. Can James and Simon stop Strughold before he initiates his evil plan to sabotage American history?