Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Hardcover just got a quick write up over at Comics Buyer's Guide (

THE AWESOME: God the Dyslexic Dog HC Published by Bliss on Tap Publishing, written by Brian Phillipson and Phillip Phillipson, drawn by Alex Niño Yes, that Alex Niño. I’ll admit: the odd title grabbed me first, and Nino’s art second. But what ultimately sold me on this book was the idea of God, a dyslexic dog, in the role of a Christ figure who’s persecuted when he assumes mortal canine form and returns to the world of man. Snicker if you will, but this book is far from a religious parody or comedy. Instead, it’s a grandiose epic involving a myriad of diverse historical, cultural, and mythological ideas that’s beautifully written by the Phillipsons and breathtakingly rendered by the legendary Niño. Both a softcover and hardcover are available from; both feature a colorized version of the original four-issue series, and both feature new material not included in the comic. But the hardcover contains additional material still, and the story’s too incredible to own in any other form.

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