Thursday, October 05, 2006

God the Dyslexic doG Friends & Fans,

First off, we want to say thanks to everyone who has helped to make God the Dyslexic doG such a satisfying success for us. Its been the fans who've spread the word about our books and helped get the buzz about us out in the world.

Our new colored graphic novels are now on store shelves. We'll also be up on amazon and all the other book sites shortly, as well as some libraries and colleges (surprisingly). Also, you can buy all of our books directly from us at . Long story short, we only printed 1000 Hard Covers of the book and they're going to be sold out sooner than later (the H.C. has sold a lot better then any of us could have predicted). So, if you are interested in picking one up and haven't had a chance, now would be the time. There are still plenty of the soft cover trade paperback, though the original 4 Black and White comics are down to their last few boxes.

We have the next graphic novel written and loaded and ready for the great Alex Nino to do his thing (with a few chapter titles being: doGs of War, EVOL, and Remember the Future). If the sales, schedules and stars align just right, we'll have God the Dyslexic doG Vol. 2 colored and ready for you in time for San Diego Comic Con 07.

Cheers and keep drinking that Bliss!

Ruff: If any one knows of any contests/awards etc. you think we should submit our book to, that would be helpful.

Ruff Ruff: Actually, any way you might know to spread the word that we haven't thought of would be ain't always easy being so indie!