Thursday, July 15, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 & the premiere of God the Dyslexic Dog Volume 3:

Good news, everyone - we'll have a limited number of advance copies of God the Dyslexic Dog Volume 3 on hand and for sale at the San Diego Comic Con - it's the final book in what is now the God the Dyslexic Dog Trilogy and our best yet. Alex Nino's art is in top-form and he is still the master of his craft - come see the new pages (over 100) for yourself and decide!

Speaking of Alex, he will be visiting our booth to sign the new book throughout the convention, at his leisure. Brian Phillipson and Phil Phillipson will be holding down the fort most of the rest of the time. Come stop by and say hi. Booth 5533, which is the same spot as last year. We're in the Independent Press Section near the center/front of the convention hall (think "red-carpet" area near the door). We have some new t-shirts, original Alex Nino art for sale and development art for our new untitled project, as well. (coming soon)