Thursday, July 21, 2011



by Bliss on Tap Publishing
written & created by Brian Phillipson & Phil Phillipson
art by Alex Nino
color / 108 pages

Premiering at the San Diego Comic Con 2011 / in stores Fall 2011:
from the creators of God the Dyslexic Dog comes an extraterrestrial retelling of the classic Aesop's fable "Androcles and the Lion"...

Over 500 years ago, an alien spaceship crashed in the undiscovered Americas.

The little alien was rescued by the local natives.

In return for saving him, the alien promised to protect the natives from foreign invaders by placing a force-field over the Americas -- preventing exploration and colonization of their land -- and altering the course of history as we know it forever.

500 years later, in a world without the United States of America, the Nazi's have just won World War II and rule absolutely.

Until one day, a captured British scientist named Andie, with the help of Albert Einstein (of course!), hatch a plan to rescue the alien and save the future from the Third Reich.