Friday, November 30, 2012

"Monster Candy" gets 3 out of 4 stars from Comics Buyer's Guide (CBG)!

Here's the review from the print magazine...

Monster Candy: A Very Alien Halloween
Bliss on Tap Publishing
$12, b/w, 48 pgs, available now
Writers: Brian Phillipson, Alex Murillo
Artist: Alex Nino
3 stars out of 4
Reviewed by Jim Johnson

Remember how Halloween was so cool as a kid, we wished it could be every day? That's exactly how ten-year-old Timmy Locks feels, so his dad humors him and tells him to start a petition to that effect. But the only signatures Timmy gets are from a group of aliens posing as a creepy family, whose fiendish goal is to slip innocent earth children their own tainted alien candy that will turn them into monsters.

But Timmy grows up quickly when he discovers the aliens' plot, and selflessly devises his own plan to hopefully foil theirs. And that's the charm of this tale, part children's story, part fable, and all of it illustrated largely in pencils by veteran comic artist Alex NiƱo, whose work is as strong as ever and a nice alternative to his just-as-beautiful inked and colored work.

As a lesson in taking responsibility, the story could have been a standalone tale, but instead a late development somewhat derails that message. But since it appears that the next chapter will feature Timmy's sister Goldie, the promise of more childhood adventure offsets that.