Thursday, April 04, 2013

New comic book: "The Legion of Molly Doves" - Anaheim Wondercon 2013

Bliss on Tap has been hard at work of a bunch of new comics that will be coming out soon, including "The Legion of Molly Doves" (for the story, think of a young, female Sherlock Holmes, but with a time-traveling twist!) created by Phil Phillipson, Amanda Raymond & Brian Phillipson with art by Alex Nino & Phil Phillipson.

Here's a copy of the flyer Amanda was giving away at Anaheim WonderCon 2013.  Bring the flyer to our booth at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (or mention seeing the flyer here on-line) and receive a free, limited edition "The Legion of Molly Doves" collector's button.

And here's Amanda handing out the flyers at WonderCon, courtesy of

See you at San Diego Comic Con 2013!