Monday, July 08, 2013

San Diego Comic Con '13; Future Proof; The Legion of Molly Doves

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far, because it's about that time again: San Diego Comic Con 2013!!

Bliss on Tap Publishing will be in our usual spot: booth 5533 against the front wall in the middle of the showroom, in the red-carpeted "Independent Press" section.

This year we'll be premiering two new comic book series...

FUTURE PROOF follows the story of two agents assigned to keep going further and further back in time to "fix" history after rogue time-travelers start creating chaos throughout history.  Written & Created by Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo with art by hot new artist Alex Cormack.

THE LEGION OF MOLLY DOVES is a steampunk, time-traveling investigators comic book. Think Sherlock Holmes, meets The Time Machine, meets steampunk. Written & Created by Philip Phillipson, Amanda Raymond and Brian Phillipson with art by the timeless Alex Nino.