Thursday, October 24, 2013

A'int It Cool News: New York Comic Con 2013 Experience

Nice mention & picture about God the Dyslexic Dog.  Article:

New York Comic Con 2013
Day One!

Optimous Douche here and I want you to think of the number 130,000. Take a minute to absorb that number. This is how many fans descended upon the Javits Center for New York Comic Con, or #NYCC if you followed the great Twitter hijacking “conspiracy” that brought this geek coveted event into the eyes of the mainstream (read agreements folks, don’t just click “accept”).

The number isn’t as big as the San Diego draw, but the sheer concentration of fan love can’t be denied. When the top selling books these days clock in at 300,000 copies, 130,000 fans paying homage is a fairly dense representation of that love. Sure there were a shit load of girls wearing fuzzy cat ears and tails, widening their eyes and meowing in a reverse anthropomorphism homage to cutesy anime, but the spandex set still clearly outnumbered all.

GOD THE DYSLEXIC DOG – I’m a dog nut, especially for retrievers. The pretty art drew me in (again), I can’t wait to dig into the story of God coming to earth as a dog who is adopted by a dyslexic dik…I mean kid. Review coming soon.