Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ain't It Cool News reviews God the Dyslexic Dog Volume #1


Writers: Brian & Phillip Phillipson Artist: Alex Nino Publisher: Bliss on Tap Reviewer: Optimous Douche Not the book I thought I was getting. That isn’t a bad thing, but it certainly threw me when the headspace I set aside for this title required a completely different piece of gray matter. I met the Phillipson creative team at New York Comic Con 2013. The boys caught my attention on my first walkthrough of the main floor, because as much as I hate to admit it, I’ll read anything and everything about dogs. The retriever is my spirit guide, if you don’t believe me throw something and watch me go (just please don’t fake). When I asked the guys what the book was about they simply said “A dyslexic boy adopts a dog.” I thought I was in heaven: dogs and a cavalier attitude towards learning disabilities – sold! GOD THE DYSLEXIC DOG is so much more, though…I think. I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure I get this book. I know it’s much more than what the Phillipson men described, but I also admit some of it went above my usual competent understanding of the esoteric. At the beginning of the universe, God just is. We gave God form, because quite frankly he lives to serve us with more desire than we pay tithing to him. The Gods that came after from Egyptian to Roman were similar constructs of us, never existing without yet having always been because we dreamt of them. Dog is just one other vessel of our desire to understand, but also lives among us. In the beginning God and dog were one until God abandoned this universe leaving Dog in charge, yet also a slave to the lesser Gods that came after. Call it hubris, call it human nature, whatever you want to call it--both God and Dog are locked away from us until the age of science rears its ugly head. Of course, the main perpetrator of this shift from blind faith to seeking faith in facts is a man named Pavlov. As Pavlov seeks to control dogs he is also attempting to quell the spirit of all, even the deities who once could exist without proof or fact to substantiate them. Like dog, science now controls God as well. There’s also great talk of inversion in this title, which is where the whole dyslexic thing comes from. God is the servant and the master as is doG. Again, I think….like I said, this book is heady. Nino is the prefect artist to get it. Like this week’s SANDMAN, Nino gives the page ample room to breathe by abandoning the traditional panel in favor of a kaleidoscope of imagery. There’s nothing real in this book, and the art reflects that abandonment in kind. One is left to interpret the cacophony of images as much as we are left to translate what the text means to us. Yes, there’s dog who is always distinguishable, and characters from Pandora to a little boy who takes over Pandora’s box and thus dog, but even they are constructs more than real tangible things. At the end of the day, if you find yourself tiring of the traditional linear narrative you will love GOD THE DYSLEXIC DOG. If you’re just a dog lover who often finds the writing of cats like Morrison too out there, you will need to steer clear. If theology, the belief of divinity in animals and a good head scratcher are what keeps you engaged, then order GOD THE DYSLEXIC DOG today.