Monday, July 28, 2014

San Diego Comic Con '14 Roundup!

"Another hard day at the office." Was a GREAT comic con for Bliss on Tap. People are really digging our new books!

We had the pleasure of hanging out with legendary Disney animator, writer and comic book artist Floyd Norman. This gentleman actually worked WITH Walt Disney himself back in the day. Be sure to check out the documentary of his amazing life, coming soon.
If you couldn't make it to the booth, here's what you missed.

Behind the scenes of Floyd Norman's documentary.

The craziness (summed up in one short video) that happens just in front of the booth: A Furry getting down and bowing to the almighty "God the Dyslexic Dog"

And you can't forget the backdrop that is San Diego and the beautiful sunsets.
See you next at New York Comic Con, October 9-12 2014!