Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to add “I Play the Bad Guy” to Your Comixology Subscriptions

Hello, Baddies! A few of you asked how you can add “I Play the Bad Guy” to your subscription list. Others have asked how to find a local retailer and ask them to carry IPTBG. Well this guide on how to subscribe and link your local comic shop to your Comixology account takes care of both so you can subscribe online and pick up at your local store. You can use this guide to add other comics including Bliss on Tap titles like “Future Proof” as well!

Step 1

If you haven’t already please use the following link to sign up for Comixology.

Step 2

Once you’ve registered and confirmed your account use the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Search for “I Play the Bad Guy” and then click the link in the Titles tab of the search results.

Step 3

There’s Frank! Once you’re on the description page for IPTBG click the “Subscribe” link. This can also be done from the search page but be sure to click on the title’s link so you can follow the next steps.

Step 4

Use the “Shop Locator” search bar to find a local shop near you. Just enter your zip code and hit return.

Step 5

In the search results click the link for the shop closest to you. Ours is Larry’s Wonderful World in “sunny” Lowell, MA! Fun fact: This is where artist Alex Cormack and writer Andy Arnott first began working on IPTBG!

Step 6

On the left hand side of the page there’s a con “Connect” button. Click this to connect your local comic shop to your Comixology account. (Look at that retailer score!)

Step 7

You can confirm your Retail Connection in the Settings section of your Settings Profile. (Click the “Settings” link on the second navigation bar at the top of the page.)
That’s it! Your online pull-list is now linked to your local comic shop! The local comic shop will have your comics ready for you to pick up on the Wednesday they come out. All the convenience of online ordering with all the satisfaction of print! Thanks for ordering “I Play the Bad Guy” available in stores on October 29th!