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Review – I Play The Bad Guy #1 – Visceral Superhero Action & Suspence

Review - I Play The Bad Guy #1 - Visceral Superhero Action & Suspence
So if you were a super hero, a government created, trained, and sanctioned superhero who you decided you were through, how would you go out? What if that same government had taken away your only child. Made her part of the same machine that created trained and chewed you up. How would you react?
Well if your anything like Frank Adams you get a little pissed.IPTBG#1 - 2
After years of faithful service to the government that created him Frank is on a new mission, of his own choosing this time, to find the daughter they’ve taken from him. And his old allies better watch out. He’s through playing the hero, now he’s the bad guy.
This is a great first outing for writer Andy Arnott, he’s created a rich deep world with lots of great story potential. It starts quick, draws you in and doesn’t let up till the last page. And pairing a story like this with Alex Cormack‘s art was a really good choice. Alex has a flair for mixing very normal scenes with utter brutality seamlessly. More than once I was shocked as I went from panel to panel and page to page.
It did suffer from the usual issue one problems though, there’s a lot of back story here though I think Alex does a great job of presenting it. And if the aim was to make me want issue 2 immediately he nailed it on the head. I’m definitely along for the ride. I want to know why Frank is done being a hero, why they took his daughter, and I want to see what he’ll do to get her back. Bet you will too.
I Play The Bad Guy gets 4 out of 5 (I’m betting on a 5 star rating for the full mini series!)
IPTBG#1 - 3 IPTBG#1 - 4 IPTBG#1 - 5
I Play the Bad Guy #1 (of 6)
Writer: Arnott, Andy
Artist: Cormack, Alex
Cover Artist: Cormack, Alex
Price: $3.99
UPC: 748252093158
On Sale: October 29, 2014
Diamond Id: AUG141133
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