Friday, January 30, 2015

Great write-up of I Play The Bad Guy #2 by Reading with a Flight Ring...

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I Play the Bad Guy #2

I Play the Bad Guy #2
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2014
Created & Written by Andy Arnott
Art, Lettering & Design by Alex Cormack

This is a perfect example of why people should search through Previews and read various reviews of small press books because then you’ll find some of the most interesting stories being published today.  Free of the constraints of big corporate decisions saying what they can and cannot do with character.  So far this is an interesting story we’ve got super-powered folks who work with something inside the military to make good soldiers.

In the here and now Adams’ is on the run in complete control of his powers and more than likely stronger than he’s ever been.  As the latest mission to capture him has failed and we see a play by play as they analyze him and what he’s capable of doing it becomes clear someone thinks he’s a massive threat, uncontrolled and possibly someone that needs to be neutralized.

Major Sullivan is a bitch there’s no getting around that and honestly it’s totally what you picture a woman in the military trying to prove she’s as good if not better than any man around her.  She’s also ruthless and doesn’t mind using a child to get what she wants, oh and she’s not making any friends along the way.   This is after Frank messed Al up while he was with his granddaughter in a supermarket.

Enter Mr. Venona who can read minds.  He goes in and tries to make contact with Al  and learn what Frank is up to for Major Sullivan.  I like this because these people are sticking by each other and not giving a crap what Sullivan wants.  There’s some good subterfuge happening here and the Mazur boys, that’s what they are called those with powers, they are a tight fraternity and it’s interesting to see.

The characters are interesting and the characterization is freakin phenomenal!  These people are complex and their motives are unclear and the story has yet to really unfold to tell us who is good and who isn’t though for all intents and purposes it would seem they’d like us to think it’s Frank whose the bad guy.  Me I think they are trying to make him out to be one and that they are using him and forcing his actions so they can blame him for something.  After all the military can’t let them just be if they aren’t working for them or learn their secrets so they can create more for themselves.

This is some great thought provoking stuff.  You really have to read it, pay attention to it and try to read more into what is going to see if your right.  This is heavier stuff than you see at the so-called big companies because it’s a more realistic view and what would happen if people with powers existed.  This is the exciting kind of stuff that grabs your attention keeps you reading the story.

Alex is really in his element as well and more than coming into his own as bona fide illustrator.  His work is original, fun and fast paced and descriptive plus there are plenty of instances with great attention to detail.   Plus the effects of the powers were just incredibly well done.   Each individual character is full of life and personality.

Bliss on Tap is a prime example of why you NEED to pay attention to the little guy.