Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Future Proof #2 review by Reading with a Flight Ring


Future Proof #2

Future Proof #2
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2014
Created by Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo
Written by Alex Murillo
Art by Alex Cormack

One of the things I got from reading this issue is that this is kind of like seeing Blue Beetle and Booster Gold without their suits traveling through time trying to stop evil from happening.  It’s filled with all the fun that would entail in two characters who seem to have good intentions but bumble their way through it all.  Murillo has managed to weave an interesting tale of time travel and stopping terrible things from happening with some of the best buddy antics around.

So our boys have made it to the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on October 28th 1943 and the U.S.S. Eldridge.  As they are going to board they are approached by a hooded figure who as it turns out is actually Albert Einstein.   He thinks the mission of this ship must not be undertaken and that it’s doomed to fail.  A cryptic warning from someone of his caliber.

On board their commanding officer is quick to put them in their place and point them in the right direction.   I dunno about military life but this guy is an ass and he likes to yell, a lot.  I’m guessing that this is semi-normal for this era and those who are in command.  Of course there is a mystery surround this ship like why are there empty animal cages on board?   Still the boys retain their sense of humor throughout the inspection and duty assignments.  Where of course another sailor thinks the boys are up to something and will do whatever he can to find out what.

As luck, fate, the gods would have it our boys now Hopper and Brody are assigned to the MP’s since they are short handed.  So while changing into their new uniforms they take a peak at what it is their mission is.  This was awesome because it appears to be some sort of Nazi weapon, well it has a swastika, in the form a bell.  So while they are learning what the parameters of the mission the one who thinks something is up is spying on them and jumps to the wrong conclusion cause he’s an idiot.

So what happens from here on out is a series of events that do and don’t go as planned.  I’m really beginning to think that whoever recruited these two had no idea what they were doing.  However the circumstances that they find themselves in are incredibly weird, fun and interesting to put it mildly.  Including the man who created the Bell on board the ship for them who is a defector of the Furor and stole the original plans one Dr. Strughold.  This is where Cormack shines, I mean the boys look amazing and slightly bromance sexual but Dr. Strughold is beyond creepy and all sorts of don’t trust me i’m still a Nazi looking man.

To understand the things that happen around the table when they are talking you have to read this but suffice it to say that Tesla is dead and Einstein doesn’t want anything to do with this so they’ve got this defected German helping them.  So on a time deadline the boys have to work fast but that guy who wants to bust them rushes them into action and well yeah it all hits the fan.  The result of what they do to the bell can be seen in Cormack’s impressive artwork.

It’s interesting how the mind works to create this story because its them trying to prevent events like others using time travel but end up influencing the course of history the way it’s supposed to unfold.  It all looks like it’s happening by accident to boot.  With a discovery found in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs pointing everyone in the right direction this is freakin creative stuff.  Both Alex’s have gone above and beyond the call of duty here.  This is what the imagination used to create something special is all about.