Thursday, March 05, 2015

I Play the Bad Guy #3 review

I Play the Bad Guy #3

By Steven Leitman / Reading with A Flight Ring
I Play the Bad Guy #3
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2015
Created & Written by Andy Arnott
Illustrated, Lettered & Design by Alex Cormack

I have to say with each issue I’m liking this book more and more as we delve into things that I wasn’t expecting to see.  Ronald Reagan’s portrait behind the Colonel behaving in exactly the manner I would expect, I have such disdain for our Government, leaders and those who claim to be in charge of the military and here it seems i’m not the only one.   He’s important though because he’s recruiting a young boy from Africa to put him in the program and then literally use him for his own purposes in the area to secure America’s interests.

This kind of detail spent on his background is fantastically done and Andy really delved into something deep and primal here.  He’s fifteen when sent back to Uganda to do the Colonel’s dirty work with powers and abilities that a kid shouldn’t have and the end result here is phenomenal!   His personal feeling are in direct conflict with what they want him to do and at that age it’s terrifying to him and it shows.

This changed Eric’s life forever and it follows him throughout his life to adulthood and talking with Frank and the two of them trying to work together to get Frank’s granddaughter out of there is a promising start here.   That they are being set up still and hunted down and seem to be one step behind the people they are both running from and chasing after adds this element to it that I like.   There has to be more to someone than we’re seeing, someone may be a double agent type feeding information about them to intercept and keep them from their goal.  

Seeing these people who were all part of the “old gang” coming back gives me hope that perhaps a squad will be formed that will be formed of the survivors of this story for future tales.  I’m really excited about this series and what could in store from this crew after reading this issue and I haven’t felt that way in quite some time.

Well the end of the ending here completely threw me for a loop!   There’s a whole new world of possibilities now with this little girl.  Things that ask if what happened to these men can be passed on through genetics over generations and if so how powerful can they become as times flies by.   The skies the limit here and Andy is taking full advantage of that.

Alex’s interiors work so well with the story.  He can manage to show us how vulnerable people can be and then turn around the next instant and show us how terrifying they can be as well.  He’s does this transition between sweet and horror with such ease.

These guys work so very well together and the work they are doing is amazing this is part of the reason I love comic books.  It’s so very nice to get excited about a project from an unexpected place like Bliss on Tap which just proves my theory that some of the best stories being today come from companies other than the “Big Guns. ”