Monday, April 06, 2015

I Play The Bad Guy #4 advance review by Reading With A Flight Ring

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I Play the Bad Guy #4 Advance Review

I Play the Bad Guy #4 (of 6)
Bliss On Tap Publishing 2015
Created & Written by Andy Arnott
Art, Lettering and Design by Alex Cormack
Colours by Ashley & Alex Cormack

With each issue of this series that I read I become more and more enamored with it.  Andy’s writing is incredibly good and it seems with each issue he’s learning and growing and finding himself as a writer and it just blends this humor amidst the horror of the Project is currently doing.  

Today Lloyd meets Crystal, the little girl looking for her Grampy Al.  Yeah this makes Lloyd nervous because if i’m not mistaken he’s in the room Lloyd just left in that hospital style bed.  Crystal is a little kid and she’s so cute but thanks her ability she can darn scary at times too.  It i s nice to see though that while she may be fluent in computer language, a word she doesn’t know, she still a kid and unaccustomed to not knowing what something means.

Still their conversation is kind of cute and she doesn’t hold back when she wants to know something and for the most part he’s willing to share except about the hole in his head that’s too hard to explain to someone her age or it’s too sore a subject for him.

Oh the Major is a bitch and she really needs to get laid badly.  Though even that might not help her she’s wound so damn tight.  So while in Pittsburgh the alarm goes off because Crystal is on the loose but she’s not aware of that yet.  She has to realize though since the photograph is prominently on display that Adam’s is getting the band back together as it were.  As she scrambles to get back to base we move to another location.

It’s the past as we see the mad scientist who came up with the procedure of giving them these abilities talking to an assembled group.  Yeah he kind of drones on and they are half paying attention but it becomes clear that he’s able to now create these abilities in people without them knowing he’s doing it and they decide to pick children, unknowingly, to use as test subjects and monitor what happens to them “in the wild” as it were.  Highly unethical and completely illegal but the military doesn’t really care anymore than the Government people do.

Goodness there is so much going on here and it’s a conspiracy theory nuts greatest find should one ever find it.  The story Andy’s bringing us is growing and the cast of characters seems to be expanding keeping the reader guessing as to what’s really going on here.  With Alex’s interiors being so expressive and giving off such emotions it’s easy to get lost in the tale and be more than slightly frightened by it.
Bliss on Tap is hopefully here to stay because the work they are doing is worthy of all the attention we give it.