Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Notes on Future Proof #4 by Reading With A Flight Ring

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Future Proof #4
Bliss on Tap Publishing 2015
Created & Written by Brian Phillipson
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Created, Lettered & Book Design by Alex Murillo

Alright so we start off this issue in a most surprising way and I have to admit that the introduction of whom appear to be the boys counterparts.  How they’ve been brought together and their true purpose while remain a small mystery what they are going to add to the mix is immeasurable.  Plus the whole Roswell, New Mexico incident just goes to show that time travel and people’s agendas well they don’t always come from the best of intentions.

Brian’s able to weave what we perceive to be historical facts into this tale in ways that make them not only plausible and believable but necessary.  The Roswell incident where a ship crash lands to Earth well I love the explanation  for how that came to be and why there were no survivors as well.  Cruel, unusual but explained better than I could have hoped for.  The Umbrella Man and former Nazi Scientist Dr. Dagmar Wernher this team will be something.

Meanwhile on a battlefield in Belgium, south of Ypres-October 15th, 1918 a young messenger is tasked with taking a message to the front lines immediately.  Okay here’s where I suppose some liberties are taken because I have no clue if Hitler was serial masturbator but the imagery is fantastic as is the way it’s described to us.  The rules as well that say certain people need to live in order for history to unfold as it’s supposed to well while they may not be agreed with the boys do enforce them.  Much to ones chagrin but the writing again makes this so worthwhile to me.

Alex is brilliant as well here because while his black and white stuff is nice and expressive and easily understood there are moments that just surprise the hell out of you.  When we see Yusupov’s Moika Palace, Russia--December 30th 1916 you will be blown away period.  Plus of those that know history this is involving Rasputin and the dinner party where his friends have sentenced him to death which he survives.  Again the line worked is wonderful and seeing the different characters with different styles to them pop out even more prominently in his style and that’s always a pleasure.

The boys have one more stop to make this issue, yes they are extremely busy keeping history on track today as they come to ensure the assassination of Franz Ferdinand the Archduke of Austria.    You’d think that with so much going on in one issue things might feel too rushed but while it is chock full it isn’t rushed it’s more an example of why they are needed.  Though who, what, why or how they are needed so much isn’t explained at the moment I have hopes the other teams like the one formed from the Umbrella Man are out there as well.

Plus the fact that these meshuggah's make the perfect buddy pairing for both laughs and seriousness balancing things out is like the delicious icing on a cake.   Here we’ve got a small mystery building alongside some seriously overworked dudes who are still going a mile a minute that showcases a unique outlook on history with drama and intelligent humor thrown in for good measure.

Future Proof is purely a pleasure to read.