Friday, April 24, 2015

Today on ... I Play the Bad Guy #1

Forty years ago Frank Adams was a recruit in the government’s Cold War attempt to grant soldiers the ability to manipulate bio-electricity, known as the Mazur Project. Now, Frank has learned that his estranged daughter has been recruited in a revival of the Mazur Project and he’s not about to let the government transform his daughter into the freak they made out of him. Can a super-powered man in his 60’s avoid the younger Powered Retrieval Operations (P.R.O.) unit sent to stop him?
Set against a a backdrop of “Visceral Superhero Action & Suspense” ( the morality of granting the older heroes powers during Cold War experiments by the U.S. Government is explored throughout the course of the series as they try to prevent the next generation of powered soldiers from being created. As we learn more about the scientist and government officials who convinced and created them the idea of good guys becomes more hazy with each issue.
Ideal for readers 14 and up this series doesn’t hold back on the action with often graphic displays of violence. While some of the powers activated in the team’s genes may seem familiar their use of these energy based emissions is far from it. This is enhanced but Alex Cormack’s colorful and detailed illustrations and sometimes viscous dialogue in Andy Arnott’s writing.
This high powered and carnage filled series will wrap up with issue number 6 in August so be sure to get caught up now before the finale!

-Andy Arnott, Writer/Creator of “I Play the Bad Guy” from Bliss on Tap Publishing