Friday, May 29, 2015

Future Proof #5 review by Reading With A Flight Ring's Steven Leitman

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Future Proof #5
Bliss On Tap Publishing 2014
Created by Brian Phillipson & Alex Murillo
Written by Alex Murillo
Illustrated by Alex Cormack
Coloured by Ashley & Alex Cormack

A time traveling, espionage, action/adventure buddy flick style thriller, seriously what more do you need to know about it pick this up?   I love that this issue seems the be the turning point for this series as it moves forward.  The writing remains to be some of the best there is and  Murillo has done an excellent job on fleshing the boys out and making them likeable and relatable and just fun good ole boys who do their job and along the way kind of question a few things about what they are doing.  He’s managed to get us to care about them while crafting a time travel story that isn’t outrageous or hard to follow and that’s the mark of a good writer people.

I’ll say this too I’ve really enjoyed watching Cormack grow as an artist on this project.  The backgrounds, page layouts, the boys themselves and this issue that creepy owl yeah it looks really darn good.  You can see his evolution as an artist and it’s one of those things where you see his potential in the first issue and by this the fifth he’s exceeded where you thought he’d be making him one of the industry's up and coming illustrators.   Though we could have gotten a better look at James in those boxers I mean really now.

What happens this issue however is the natural progression of what we’ve seen so far.  That they are in 1910 and during their mission they kind of have an epiphany about what’s being said and done around them.  Throughout history there have been people whose intentions haven’t been the best and plenty of corrupt men have wormed their way into positions of power  in order to further their own agenda’s.  We’ve seen this in the history books and on PBS, yes I love my local stations, so when the boys see it first hand however and really get a chance to experience that kind of pure evil if you will things in their lives begin to change.  Despicable behavior happening on the train folks and ya know it kind of represents that era nicely unfortunately.

James and Simon manage to complete their mission but something else happens here that wasn’t supposed to.  The remembering of some of their most heinous missions notwithstanding another agent arrives on scene and tries to kill a man in a location that wasn’t on the agenda.  Before this new agent of the Sing can say anything though about how the company lies to them and uses them he’s well just check out what Alex does to him because it’s kind of gross, awesome and foreboding all in one image.

So what happens with all this new-found knowledge and odd things that have unraveled before their eyes?  Will we finally get to see the Sing?  Are the boys going to go rogue and take down the very organization that gave them purpose in the first place?  Oh so many questions so much more potential for greatness to come.  It seems the best is yet to come and the future isn’t written in stone.

This is why I love the small independent press titles, they are books made out of love and passion for the genre/medium.  They have some great skills and can contribute to our enjoyment in ways that sometimes the larger ones can’t.  This is one those series and companies you need to be reading and finding their books and get out of the mindset of the big two!