Friday, May 27, 2016

"But Like Maybe?"...The First Comic Book Based On An Instagram Account -


But Like Maybe? The First Comic Book Based On An Instagram Account

Comics have been adapted from film, TV, toylines, theme park rides, the lot. But I think this is the first comic book that has been adapted from an Instagram account.

Bliss On Tap is publishing But Like Maybe #1 in August, by Dru Radovich and Arianna Margulis based on her Instagram account of the same name and it’s a…
new comic book about life and stuff, examining the complicated world of selfies, brunch, hangovers, love, rejection, and over-analyzing everything. The first issue follows millennial heroine “BLM” as she obsesses over her love interest “Hot Brad,” while her teddy bear confidant attempts to intercept her crazy-girl antics. The voice of a generation… but like maybe?
The account in question with over 65,000 followers is a single panel cartoon account that has been adapted into a narrative story structure. Available digitally from DriveThruComics right now, it will get a further digital release in June and then appear in print in August.