Monday, April 20, 2020

Weed Magic – Stoner Comic Review by FanDemonium Network


Weed Magic – Stoner Comic Review 

Weed Magic – Comic Review

Hey, Jenn here new comic-book reviewer and full-time stoner. Clare has been dying to get me to read comics for ages, and when we were at New York Comic-Con, and I saw a sign that said 420 and found these comics, I knew I had to load my bong, and take a ride and this is my Weed Magic – Comic Review!

My challenge IF I chose to accept it via, our editor, Clare, get high and start reading… this Is what happened. Weed Magic – Comic Review.

I am glad I was talked into this easy read. I started laughing and chuckling from the first second I started reading and not just because I was lit. Bunny and Moe are all of us. Today is the ultimate 420 day well, we all needed to be prepared. Personally I have been preparing for today for a month, but it’s not about me, it’s about Bunny and Moe and their epic Weed Magic adventure.
When the comic starts, our two boys are on a quest for the best weed for the holiday, sadly they waited so long it was all gone. Don’t fret dudes, they have a friend (Mystic) and he hooks them up with some primo stuff for the occasion and then some. If you know any stoners, they heard the keywords Weed, high, epic high, magical high, weed, pot, free.
Mystic does tell them basic things like, this is the last of its kind, smoke wisely, gives you powers, makes you smarter… but any stoner just heard…
Weed, high, epic high, magical high, weed, pot, free.
They soon find out, that it does make them smarter, and they can do things that they couldn’t do before and well, best high ever man… and they want to help more…

“Red Eyes. Full Bong. Can’t Lose”

Our boys go on a second adventure, that has them meeting girls, getting a talking monkey, and well smoking out Jesus. Yes, that, Jesus. I mean they are smart heroes now, what can go wrong?
The boys are on a quest for more of the seeds to plant more. I mean if it’s that epic, who wouldn’t want to share. I mean there have been times when I found what is the “epic” strain for the best high ever man, and you just want to share, so I got it right away.
I don’t remember the last time I was genuinely laughed and giggled out loud when reading something, but this was it for me.
I mean once you smoke out Jesus, what more epic shit can happen? I mean I can’t fathom anything better or more epic right? Well for one fart jokes, well actually not better, just an enhancement.
By the time I got to the third installment of the series, I was hooked. I mean it’s not just about the weed, it’s funny as hell. There is a storyline and plot and it keeps growing throughout the three books out. The fourth book is coming, just delayed because of that little pandemic that’s plaguing us (insert sarcastic tone here).
I mean we need more after, Appetite For MunchiesWe meet a villain, an old friend comes back to say hi, they clearly are getting laid now (they hooked up those girls from The Smoke of Hell), and there is that cliffhanger…
I am new to comics, and I know that this will not be my last time visiting this new land for me, even if it’s not 420. For a better and clearer review of these comics check out Clare’s non-lit review here.